Maximum Games – Cutting edge web site for a cutting edge games company

by Posted on May 16th, 2012

About Maximum Games:
Founded in 2009, Maximum Games has published PC and console games that
appeal to the gamer in everyone – not just kids, but moms, dads, and friends alike.
And now they are expanding their vision to make sure they don’t leave a single
soul behind! Crossing into the mobile and online arena, Maximum Games is
excited to bring some of their most popular titles to you with PC, iOS, and Droid

Maximum Games delivers diverse titles ranging in genre from strategy and puzzle
to adventure and action.

The Task:
Maximum Games needed a user-friendly website that looked as good as their
cutting edge games, the site needed to be impressive with HD graphics, easy to
modify and SEO friendly as well. The challenge was to use high quality graphics
but at the same time keep the site fast loading and SEO friendly.

The Solution:
Pulse Solutions built the Maximum Games site on the WordPress platform with
a heavily customized skin to match their look and feel needs. The site has high
quality HD graphics but it still loads quickly and is search engine friendly at the
same time.

We used HTML5 tags to ensure the user experience is seamless even while
browsing heavy graphics and videos.

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