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by Posted on July 6th, 2012

Martial Arts Merchandise is a family owned and operated supplier of martial arts equipment including uniforms, belts, sparring gear, sport bags, weapons, swords and punching bags. They also offer bold look uniforms, AWMA and Macho equipment. They strive to meet all your martial arts shopping needs.

Martial Arts Merchandise engaged Pulse Solutions to build a user-friendly ecommerce website that could ensure a hassle-free shopping experience by taking care of their customer order processing needs. The Pulse DNN cart was the logical choice given the scalability and features they needed.

Pulse used the DNN cart technology to ensure a speedy, user-friendly and pleasurable online shopping experience. The website is built using .Net application. Pulse created a synchronization code for integration between Martial Arts and QuickBooks. This helped Martial Arts in easy tracking of customer orders, order processing, inventory management and expense tracking. The website provides a real-time online shopping experience.

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