Martial Arts Merchandise is a family owned and operated supplier of martial arts equipment including uniforms, belts, sparring gear, sport bags, weapons, swords and punching bags. They also offer bold look uniforms, AWMA and Macho equipment. They strive to meet all your martial arts shopping needs. Martial Arts Merchandise engaged Pulse Solutions to build a user-friendly ecommerce website that could ensure a hassle-free shopping experience by taking care of their customer order processing needs. The Pulse DNN cart was the logical choice given the scalability and features they neede... Read More

Rubbish Interiors, Inc. owned by Scott Mangan is a Los Angeles based interior design firm and showroom specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects of both contemporary and traditional styles. Scott Mangan Rubbish Interiors signature style has been heavily featured in the press. Classic, practical, and timeless are the hallmarks of a Rubbish Interiors design. They hired Pulse for developing a website that can showcase their beautiful works of interiors, capable of enticing new customers. The website needed to be attractive and represent their signature style. Pul... Read More

Ponderosa Stables gives tourists and holidayers an opportunity to enjoy the rocky terrains of South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona, riding on a horse. Planning an exotic vacation in the southwest desert is now made easy. A leisurely trip in the South Mountain Park trotting on your favourite horse is every tourist’s dream. Don’t just enjoy the ride but also enjoy the delicious food with the special Breakfast and Steak Dinner Ride. Whether you are new to horse riding or a seasoned equestrian, this vacation destination is just for you. Watch the soft golden light of dawn landing o... Read More

Pearl Kite is a London-based chauffeur and minicab company that is renowned for its excellence in providing cars and chauffeurs for your varied needs. They have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Whether you are looking for an airport or a hotel transfer, a tour of London or a car for a corporate road show, they tailor their service precisely to meet your requirements. Pearl Kite is bent on treating you with the most luxurious cars and the finest of chauffeurs. Pearl Kite hired Pulse Solutions to build a website that could truly represent their services. The website neede... Read More

TXT ME L8R - It Can W8T Fact: You're 23 times more likely to get in an auto accident if you text while driving. Technology: Android version: 2.2 or above SQLite: 3.0 or above GPS Enable: Compulsory Internet Accessibility: Recommended but not compulsory Whether you connect with family, friends or clients from your Android, texting saves time. However, there is a drawback - texting while driving can be detrimental to your safety and the safety of other drivers. According to statistics, more than 5500 people were invol... Read More