An innovative website named My Portfolio Wizard along with its founder, Bruce Lange, has seen the growing need for a revolutionary financial advisory service due to the rapidly changing world of investment. This website has recognized the need to move from a paternalistic approach to a more self-directed approach when it comes to the field of banking, investing, and treasury. My Portfolio Wizard is a website whose creation is dedicated to empowering individuals with the information on financial advice that is needed to meet the needs of today's world. ... Read More

A national charity trust named the Urostomy Association is dedicated to supporting the interests of individuals with a urinary diversion. The trust, founded in the UK, offers world wide support, encouragement, and practical information to individuals who've undergone surgery and have a urostomy as well as to those who may need to undergo a surgery for the same. The Urostomy Association has been able to promote awareness, gain support, and reach out to a wider audience through their website: ... Read More

Claim Justice offers expert legal assistance to injured accident victims in the form of compensation claims handling. They have proficient and dedicated staff to handle all kinds of personal injury claims related to road traffic accident, slip, trip or fall, accident at work, medical negligence and kids’ injuries. They believe in the policy of no win no fee. They guarantee maximum compensation in quick time. Claim Justice contracted Pulse Solutions to build a website to promote their personal injury compensation claims services. The website was built on .Net technology. It is ... Read More

Neck aches, sore shoulders, and sharp head pains on summery vacation days are a thing of the past now that Cool Head Industries are out with their new Cool Head Pillows! Cool Head Pillows are uniquely shaped to give your neck, shoulders, and head absolute relief and comfort while you soak up the sun on a summer day. Each pillow is specially designed and field-tested for durability and comfort. Beach and cool head pillows are constructed with specialised materials, that have been independently lab tested and certified as safe for human use, and provide a maximum level of refreshing ... Read More

The Task Ascaso are Italian manufacturers of exclusive, handmade coffee machines. Their UK distributor, EPE International, required a website where owners could register their machine's warranty, purchase accessories and spares and make service requests. The site needed to reflect the premier quality of the iconic Ascaso Dream espresso machine and also be straightforward to use and to administer. The Solution was developed using the open source DotNetNuke platform. It inc... Read More