Gregg Orthodontics has been providing Ashland, Wooster, Mansfield, and all surrounding Ohio areas with the latest in orthodontic technology in a comfortable, fun environment where we treat each patient with respect. Dr. Gregg’s thorough education in the field of dental care and surgery, and specialization in high-tech orthodontic treatment, has enabled Gregg Orthodontics the ability to exclusively offer adult and teen patients a customized invisible way to straighten teeth using Incognito ... Read More

Founded in 1999, VeinSolutions of Cincinnati is a division of Cardiac, Vascular & Thoracic Surgeons, Inc. (CVTS), an award-winning group of board-certified physicians specializing in cardiac, thoracic and peripheral vascular surgery. The goal of VeinSolutions is, unlike some other vein treatment centers, to deliver the highest quality patient care with professional integrity and an unwavering focus on each patient. To meet the needs of specific disorders and provide the appropriate treatments, our board-certified peripheral vascular surgeons are dedicated to using state-of-the ... Read More

A company, whether privately owned or owned by a group, needs to have a brand which is the name, term, sign, symbol or design, intended to identify the goods and services of the company, which in turn helps it stand out from the crowd. Many times small businesses find it hard to market their brand and gather the right following on social platforms. This is when an experienced entrepreneur and someone who has the unique ability to find creative ways to market your business would come in handy, and that is where Go Be Social Media, LLC comes to your rescue. The founder of Go ... Read More

Elite Energy is a forward-thinking energy management company who is made up of a group of respected industry experts with decades of experience in designing, delivering, and installing CHP systems which has helped commercial and industrial energy users save millions on energy costs through ultra-clean combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, systems. Elite's campus and energy management offices are located in Carson City, Nevada. In all, Elite’s manufacturing and engineering campus includes a 33,000 squ... Read More

Notice & Comment had a vision to enhance American governance by creating a platform for the interaction of the general public with all levels of government and legislature. In January 2013 this dream came true! Now citizens can become effective advocates for themselves and their communities by generating discussions on notices found on Too often the local tax payers money is wasted on the ineffective posting of federal public notices in local newspaper’s that ... Read More