AAOA.com is the web presence for American Apartment Owners Association. This is one of the most prestigious property owners associations with 1000s of members from all across the United States. Members not only get expert tips on how to get the most out of their properties they also receive discounts from 100s of regional vendors and corporations that have signed up with AAOA. Pulse was contracted to upgrade the website including their backend systems to bring them at par with Web 2.0 standards; the front end consists of over 3000 ... Read More

Equal access to information is the key to development in the global economy. SAWTEL's mission is to provide unrivaled satellite bandwidth capacity and state-of-the-art wireless connectivity solutions to institutions and businesses in emerging markets where access to high-speed communications has previously been prohibitively expensive and undependable. SAWTEL has created an unprecedented synthesis of leading-edge telecommunication technologies that offers you fast and reliable access to your world at the lowest possible cost. They empower emerging markets to bridge the digital divide!... Read More

BizCare was founded on a simple vision: to enable business communities to successfully operate the latest technologies at the lowest total cost. BizCare delivers pay-as-you-go technology services (IT) for small and medium organisations as well as service desk and monitoring for large enterprises. We analysed the need and concluded that BizCare needs a web presence that's not only attractive it must also be easily scalable and enable easy updates by non technical personnel. The Joomla CMS platform was proposed ... Read More

VideoMD.com is a premier resource for medical quality videos and articles written by highly revered doctors and surgeons. The website was built by Pulse in 2008. Looking at the runaway popularity of iPhones, there was a need to port the website into an iPhone app so videos can be played over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The application was built using Xcode for maximum usability and compatibility with cell phone networks as well as wifi broadband connection. The system that parses videos on the website was... Read More

Rediscover the joy of the handwritten note! Watercolors By Phyllis specialises in note cards and prints from original watercolors of artist Phyllis Bos. With a wide assortment, including lighthouses, floral, world travel, scenery, animals and Christmas, they have something for everyone. The cards and prints are perfect for gifts or adorning your own home. Send a card today! Watercolors By Phyllis has been selling note cards and prints for over 10 years. Pulse Solutions built an ecommerce website for them that not only matches with the persona of the products but... Read More