Seeds for Africa helps African families and communities by the provision of seeds, agricultural equipment and relevant technical advice, giving individuals and communities a future, not just a temporary answer. Pulse Solutions was contracted to build a professional charity website for Seeds for Africa. Pulse designers studied their vision and plans to build an aesthetically pleasing design that matched perfectly with how the organization wants to portray itself to the outside world. The design process culminated in a Drupal based website that looked great and included a powerful ba... Read More

Debt collection has been a bane for many a corporations across the industry spectrum. Everybody needs a good debt collection agency once in a while. is the best in the business. Not only do they have an extremely well honed process, their online web application makes it simple and easy to request debt collection for a large number of debtors and automates letters, calls and credit score processes. Pulse Solutions was contracted by Old Debts to rebuild their website from ground up for both aesthetic appeal a... Read More

Custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is what we do best. Web applications that are moulded to the client’s needs is one of our core competencies. The client spent months on evaluating several highly respected CRM solutions but as their need was every specific none of the off the shelf software’s were able to satisfy all the goals. Pulse was contracted after all off the shelf options were exhausted and the idea was to build something bespoke that is built to match specific needs and also allows for future scalability without major licensing costs. Pulse ... Read More

The Carborator application is a must have for anybody who keeps a calorie count of their meals. Users can not only review calorie counters they can make advanced recopies and share them with friends and family. The application is an advanced iPhone rendition of several online databases that provide Glycemic Index and alorie Counter for almost all off the shelf meal options. The application saves all the data internally with an option for and periodic upgrade to add new food items. The software allows for a easy searching and browsing through thousands of foods and a way to creat... Read More

Western Energy Marketers are the Worldwide leader in energy solutions. They are a marketer and turn-key contractor of Onsite Distributed Generation Systems. They are dedicated to providing their customers with innovative and cost effective alternative energy solutions. Western Energy Marketers offers many different options that cover all of the green customer's needs. From small single unit distributed generation systems, to multi-unit co-generation systems, they are equipped to h... Read More