In keeping with Go Be Social Media, Pulse provides a social media look that catches the eye

Posted by on March 28th, 2013

A company, whether privately owned or owned by a group, needs to have a brand which is the name, term, sign, symbol or design, intended to identify the goods and services of the company, which in turn helps it stand out from the crowd. Many times small businesses find it hard to market their brand and gather the right following on social platforms. This is when an experienced entrepreneur and s... Read More

Easy Logger – Mobile app thats logs texts and calls from any Android phone!

Posted by on March 7th, 2013
The Easy Logger is a nifty little app that helps you keep a tab on your phone bills and texting bills. Tired of your phone balance running low and wondering where it all went, or just plain want to keep a track on everything? Now you can keep tabs on it all! Easy Logger is free app on Google play store where it can be downloaded onto any android phone 2.2 and up. The app sends a summary of all you... Read More